Field Dogs

Hunting with the Welsh Springer

The Welsh Springer resembles the English Springer but is usually a more methodical working dog and does not move with the same kind of speed. For a hunter who doesn’t want an overpowering dog and who wants a medium-sized dog that works at a reasonable pace, the Welsh Springer is a very good choice. The Welsh has excellent hunting instincts and can be easily trained. It does not respond well to harsh training methods and remembers its training from year to year.

Welsh Hunt Differently

The Welsh springer does not have the same flushing style as the English Springer. Once they acquire the bird’s scent they will work the trail diligently, alternating between air and ground scenting. When close to the bird, (many times just before the flush), a Welsh Springer will hesitate, pausing briefly. This brief pause is normally followed by a hard drive toward the bird to complete the flush. They are very devoted to the people they believe they own, in other words, the person who trains them. Normally they don’t miss a thing. The Welsh quarters at a methodical, comfortable pace and will find every last feather in your path. With a Welsh, you can get used to a slower-paced working dog and enjoy a nice upland walk.