A medium sized, compact dog with a loving temperament, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is a breed apart. Rare and beautiful, they have a well proportioned muscular body, a lustrous red and white coat and an expressive, intelligent face. Males measure about 18 inches high and females about 17 inches. Males weigh around 42 pounds and females around 32 pounds. Their size makes them good companions in the car and ideal for the house and family living.

The Welsh is an ancient breed

Although they may appear similar in appearance, the Welsh is not a variation of the English Springer Spaniel or Brittany Spaniel. Both those breeds are quite distinct and have very different traits. The Welsh is an ancient breed, known in Roman occupied Britain and maintained through the centuries in isolated parts of Wales where they have always been used for hunting game birds.
In the 18th century the Welsh became popular with the English aristocracy and are shown in paintings of the time. When the British Kennel Club was formed in 1873, a red amd white spaniel was exhibited. The American Kennel Club recognized the Welsh in 1906, but the breed remained almost non-existent in North America until the 1960s. Still very rare, this loyal, gentle dog is an amazing flushing dog and a wonderful companion. Known for fidelity to its owners. the devoted Welsh is truly a friend for life.