At Upland Creek we are committed to this beautiful, loyal breed and we are very meticulous about our breeding program. Dogs are bred for beauty, temperament and health.

Upland Creek is located on a 35 acre farm in the Long Point region of Ontario. The farm, also a shooting preserve, (www.huntuplandcreek.com) has field and woodlands for our Welsh Springers to romp and play.

Our dogs have been imported from Europe.

They are all from championship lines with excellent pedigrees and our breeding program has been carefully planned to ensure happy, healthy puppies. In order to avoid genetic links between pairs, our dogs were imported from championship breeders in Europe and UK.

We have no epilepsy, no eye problems and no hip or elbow displasia in our kennel. Our pups come with a full medical work-up and are guaranteed healthy. All our dogs have excellent temperaments. We ask for a non-breeding contract to be signed when we sell a pup as we sell only for pets.

At Upland Creek we keep dam and puppies in the house, not in a kennel. We have a large front foyer which we use when we have puppies. When people get their puppies they are already well socialized with the family. We start their crate training, house training and most puppies already know to come to our whistle because we pair it with their feeding.

The Welsh are such good companions to everyone in the family.

Their life is with people and they want to be in the middle of every activity. If you are an upland game hunter, your Welsh will love it, but they must be a family pet first. A Welsh left alone in a hunting kennel, will pine for its owners. Devoted and loyal, they do not consider themselves in the dog category at all. lntelligence is one of their traits and you will be able to train them very easily with praise, affection and consistency. Harsh treatment will cause your Welsh to quit trying. The Welsh has a long life expectency, 12-15 years being common.

Upland Creek has 4 to 5 litters per year and we take reserves for upcoming litters on an ongoing basis.